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Finding a doctor these days who is not part of a hospital group is rare, and it offers unique opportunities. Dr. Todd Dinsmore of Dinsmore Chiropractic Clinic is not affiliated with any medical groups but can and does work with other medical professionals to provide patients with the coordination of services they require. As a family chiropractor in Ontario, OR, Dr. Dinsmore has been providing a variety of chiropractic services for more than 35 years. 

Chiropractors offer a lot more than just back adjustments. They treat both soft tissue and hard tissue issues. The object of chiropractic is to get the entire body working at its maximum efficiency. In order for this to happen, anything that is disrupting the flow of signals from the brain to parts of the body needs to be corrected. This flow can be disrupted by an injury or a disease. 

A family chiropractor can treat people of any age.  A chiropractor will do a complete history and an exam on the first visit. They will also use things other than medication and drugs to treat patients. Posture is an important part of maintaining muscle efficiency and some people may benefit from ergonomic coaching. Getting to the source of the problem is the desired result, not just treating the symptoms. 

Children have little spines and sports injuries are not uncommon. A chiropractor can help with things like allergies, joint pain, and headaches. Dr. Dinsmore also provides customized orthotics for little feet as well as big ones. Dealing with postural issues in children can save a lot of pain in later years. Anxiety is an issue many children suffer from, and chiropractic treatments are non-invasive and may result in a lot less stress than traditional treatments. 

The entire family can benefit from the treatment they can receive at the chiropractor's office. These include hydro-massage, electrical stimulation, traction, and localized soft tissue massage. 

When you are looking for a family chiropractor in Ontario, OR, look no further than Dr. DInsmore of Dinsmore Chiropractic Clinic. The practice offers many services that can benefit every member of the family. Give us a call at 541-889-6619 for a consultation. 

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