Sciatica Treatments

When you think of a chiropractor, you might not think of leg pain, tingling, or numbness. After all, chiropractors are sometimes thought of as back doctors. In practice, however, chiropractors can often work with other parts of the body. Further, problems with the leg are sometimes rooted in issues in the back. So, if you’re looking for sciatica relief in Ontario, OR, get in touch with Dr. Todd Dinsmore.

Here’s How Back Issues May Result in Sciatica

If you’re suffering from sciatica, that means something is wrong with one of your sciatic nerves. A sciatic nerve runs down through the entire leg, but it actually starts in your lower back. Pressure on the nerve in your back could thus lead to numbness in the leg.

Removing the pressure from the nerve is essential for sciatica treatment. Chiropractors can use a variety of methods to relieve misalignments and muscle tension in your back. Further, if the sciatic nerve is coming under pressure elsewhere, such as in the pelvic region, a chiropractor may still be able to help. If you’re experiencing sciatica and live in or near Ontario, OR, come see Dr. Dinsmore as soon as you can.

Keep in mind that sciatica can lead to slip and falls and other issues. Numbness in your legs may inhibit your ability to hit the brake pedal in your vehicle, for example. As such, treatment is crucial.

How Chiropractors Often Address Sciatica

Spinal manipulation and massage therapy can be used to ease muscle tension and thus pressure on the nerve. Traction techniques use specialized tables and other equipment, and can be very effective for addressing sciatica.

Electric muscle stimulation can also provide relief. Safe currents of electricity are used to make muscles contract and relax, allowing more nutrient-rich blood to flow through them. If the nerve has been damaged, electrical currents may speed up healing as well. With sciatica, custom orthotics may also help. The right orthotics could provide more support for your legs, pelvis, and lower back, making fatigue less likely.

What treatment will produce the best results for you? In truth, you’ll need to visit a chiropractor to develop a custom treatment plan. If you or your loved ones are struggling with sciatica and live in or near Ontario, OR, it’s time to contact Dr. Dinsmore. He can use spinal manipulation, traction, and other treatments to improve your condition. Call 541 889 6619 to get started.

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