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Can Your Chiropractor Handle Your Physical Therapy?

When people think of chiropractors, many picture them as healthcare professionals who specialize in easing tension inside the body. They administer adjustments to relieve tension throughout your body and help you feel better in the process.

If you sustained a serious injury that hampered your mobility or significantly weakened your limbs, you may not think of approaching a chiropractor for assistance. You may believe that you need a therapist to facilitate your long-term recovery.

While a physical therapist can certainly help get your recovery on track, a trained chiropractor can provide the same type of assistance.

It starts with restoring your mobility.

If you sprained or dislocated during an accident, you likely won’t be able to move it around for a while. Or at least that would be the case if you didn’t seek help from a chiropractor.

After studying your injury, your chiropractor can start administering the adjustments necessary to restore the mobility of your injured shoulder. They can do the same thing for other parts of your body that have limited range of motion.

Your chiropractor can also help restore the strength of your injured joints. They can use manipulation techniques to realign your spine. By doing that, they can restore the strength you may have lost due to your compressed nerves.

Go to Dr. Dinsmore of the Dinsmore Chiropractic Clinic P.C. in Ontario, OR if you need physical therapy to treat the issues you sustained from a recent accident.

What Should You Expect if a Chiropractor Handles Your Physical Therapy?

What’s the difference between going to a physical therapist or a chiropractor if you’re dealing with mobility or weakness issues? If you’re mainly worried about the effectiveness of the treatment you’re getting, there are no significant differences to speak of.

Your chiropractor will start by diagnosing your injuries. They will do that by talking to you and running some tests.

After your chiropractor has identified your injuries, they can come up with a treatment plan that suits you. They will then use massage and other techniques to speed up your recovery. Since they are familiar with spinal adjustments, they can also use those techniques to restore your body’s functions.

Moving forward, your chiropractor can put you on a wellness plan that will further expedite your recovery. Follow that plan diligently so you can recover from your injuries.

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